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House Mice

  • Colouring is greyish- to light rown on back, with a light brown underbelly
  • Relatively hairless tail that is as long as the head and body combined
  • Small eyes and ears
  • Short, small feet

Mice usually enter homes in the fall and winter months through holes and gaps in doors, walls, and foundations. They are detectable through discovery of droppings in drawers, under sinks, and under refrigerators and stoves. You may also find holes chewed in boxes, bags, insulation, furniture, clothing, and books.

Mice can carry parasites such as fleas, round worms, and mites and may transmit disease through their urine, hair, and droppings.


Usually much larger than mice, with totally hairless tails

Rats are nocturnal and generally avoid human contact. They are much larger than House mice, but otherwise have similar characteristics. They also have similar incidence of property damage and transmission of disease and parasites.

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