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Bed Bugs

  • ~1/4” long and very flat prior to feeding
  • No wings
  • Become dark red and bloated after feeding

Bedbug bites most commonly occur on exposed areas of the body, including: the face, neck, hands, arms, lower legs, or all over the body. They feed on human blood, but will also bite other mammals and birds. Both males and females bite.

Bite characteristics:

  • The most common rash is made up of localized red and itchy flat lesions.
  • Classical bedbug bites could be presented in a linear fashion in a group of three, which are often referred to as, "breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
  • Small, raised, red swollen lesions are also common.
  • In rare cases, people may develop large, raised, red welts that are often itchy.
  • In people with high sensitivity to bed bug saliva, a lump filled with blood or fluid may develop.
  • If you suspect bedbugs in your home, call Dynamic Pest Control today!

Carpenter Ant

Most common colour is light black with some red and black.

  • Antennae are 12 segmented, with no clubs.
  • Thorax is evenly rounded on upper side with no spines.
  • Pedicel is 1 segmented.
  • Abdomen is lightly covered in golden hairs with anal end surrounded by circlet of hairs.
  • Stinger is absent.

Many homeowners notice Carpenter ants inside their home in the late winter/ early spring, when the snow is still on the ground. This observation confirms that the colony is in fact inside the voids of the home, and has been since at least the previous warm season. The warm sun of late winter season motivates these ants to forage inside the home until it is warm enough to venture out.

Important Note: The biggest mistake many homeowners make is to panic and spray all over the interior of the home. While this kills off some of the workers and scatters the queen(s) and nest area, it does not solve the problem.

European Earwig

Colouring varies from pale brown to reddish brown with black.

  • Prominent forcep-like appearance on rear end.
  • Antennae are thread-like and about half of the body length.

Earwigs are nocturnal and prefer cool, moist areas, and will usually venture indoors in the summer months due to the heat.

Fortunately, there are rarely favourable conditions for earwigs inside most homes, and although they enter in large numbers, they will die off after two to three weeks.

Pavement Ant

Colouring is light brown to black.

  • Lighter-coloured legs and antenna.
  • Antennae are 12 segmented, with 3 segmented clubs.
  • Head and thorax have grooves of parallel lines.
  • Thorax with small pair of spines and upper back of thorax.
  • Pedicel is 2 segmented.
  • Stinger is present.

Pavement ants typically nest outdoors around pavement and walkways, which is where they get their name. They will feed on almost everything, from nuts to dropped human food, to living or dead insects. The elimination of pavement ants is rarely as complicated as that of other types of ants, such as Carpenter ants

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